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The Border Ghetto and Langston Hughes

About the 2017 Border Ghetto series
Presented by the Digie Zone Network
Dedicated to the late Langston Hughes

Border Ghetto 1

Border Ghetto 2

Check out the adventures of J.T. and his pal Way-Pac, two young black men who live in El Paso, Texas, a community across the border from Juarez, Mexico.

"Border Ghetto" is inspired by true events and real people who live in this border region. It gives voice to a segment of the African-American population, a community you rarely hear about in the daily discourse about the border. Even online discussions about their insights and contributions are practically absent.

Most initial reactions to the use of humor in illustrating a slice of life on the border have been positive. As expected, one of the criticisms is that it plays to negative stereotypes about young black men in America today. Following this logic, the same could be said about the stereotypes of young Hispanic men who live out their daily lives as "cholos." These young men,…

Border Ghetto: J.T. and Way-Pac hit the streets again

Border Ghetto, Episode 2: Copyright © 2017
Art of the Handshake Learn handshakes video
J.T. and Way-Pac hit the streets again
[It’s been four days since the Border Patrol released J.T. and Way-Pac from the detention center after they were able to prove that they were U.S. citizens. J.T. was warned not to climb the border fence again. Today, the two friends are getting together at Way-Pac’s house in East El Paso.] J.T. greets Way-Pac’s teenage brother Zol-Kool
J.T.: Hey my man Zol, is Way-Pac home?
Zol-Kool: Yeah, he’s in the livin room chillin.
[J.T. and Zol-Kool do a fly handshake before J.T. enters the house.]
Zol-Kool: You need practice, J.T., you missed a step. It's not the Macarena or some Sh*t like that, man.
J.T.: You're the man, you're the man, Zol.
Way-Pac: J.T., why didn’t you say you was coming over, you fool?
J.T.: I didn’t plan on it man. Don’t get up. I’ll get me a soda from the frige.
Way-Pac: Always keep some Dr. Peppers here for you, man. You’re the only one that dri…

Border Ghetto: Love on the Border

Border Ghetto, Episode 1

[From © Amar en la Frontera/Love on the Border, 2017 ]

The adventures of J.T. and Way-Pac on the U.S.-Mexico border

… 2017 at the border fence between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico

[J.T., a young black American, is leaning on his car hood with a 16-oz. container of Dr. Pepper and IPOD earphones hanging around his neck. Way-Pac, his friend, in a brand new BMW SUV, just drove up to meet him.]

Way-Pac: How’s my man J.T. doing?
J.T.: I’m waiting on the senyorita I told you about. She’s supposed to meet me at the fence, here.
Way-Pac: I never knew you had a girlfriend in Mexico …
J.T.: There’s a lot of SH*T you don’t know about me MF’er.
Way-Pac: What makes her so special. How do you know she even digs you?
J.T.: She’s hot. I met her yesterday. She was on the other side of the fence. She said “Hola.”
Way-Pac: She said “Hola” – that’s it? What were you doing here anyway?
J.T.: No man, she said “O-LA,” you know, “O-LA,” with her cute smile and all. Never mind what the F*k I …