Saturday, August 18, 2018

Quick take: Your morning daily newspaper is still a good deal

Where the morning paper arrives.
Picking up the daily newspaper in the driveway has been a morning ritual for me for more than 30 years.

Before that, the newspaper carrier used to throw the paper in my parents' yard, and I read it then.

Although I am a heavy user of the social media on the Internet, I still savor this special moment with my print companion early in the day. 

I drink coffee, eat breakfast, watch news on TV and read the paper slowly.

Hopefully, print newspapers will be around for the rest of my life. 

My favorites are the New York Times, which packed with information, for quick reads I enjoy USA Today, for politics there's nothing like The Washington Post, and for local news it's El Paso Times, where I worked for 30 years.

When I pick up a newspaper, I like to be surprised by the content. Each new page I turn to is a chance for just that - another surprising story or development.

I start with the front section, continue to more local news, read the editorials, columns and letters to the editor, look up the business section and end with the features or lifestyle section. (I am not too sports-inclined, except for coverage of the FIFA World Cup games every four years.) 

A newspaper: there is nothing else like it.

 ~ Diana Washington Valdez

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