Saturday, August 25, 2018

Racist roots of the contemporary U.S. immigration policy crisis

Racist roots of the contemporary U.S. immigration policy crisis

Compiled by Diana Washington Valdez/The Digie Zone 
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"BlacKkKlansman" poster image.
Several news articles related to contemporary immigration issues reveal a very disturbing trend of racist and white supremacy ideologies that appear to be influencing the U.S. government's policies and practices.

The presidential insults of certain countries and peoples, including Hispanics/Latinos from Mexico, did not occur in a vacuum. They had their "intellectual" roots.

Here are links to some of the most egregious and recent reports by American journalists:

The White House pipeline/The Atlantic The pipeline

Connections/Vox.Com More connections

A right-hand troll/The Atlantic Trump and Miller

Who are these people? Read Alternet.Org Busted   

On a positive note, the "BlacKkKlansman" movie had its debut this month. One of the stars in the movie is John David Washington, Denzel Washington's son.

The film is based on true events. It's ironic that we seem to be reliving the era portrayed in the movie today. Link to the official trailer BlacKkKlansman

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  1. Hello! I couldn't find your email address, so apologies for using the comments section. I am a linguistic anthropologist, faculty at UCLA, studying the language of exposure in the contemporary U.S. by looking at speech acts such as whistleblowing, outing, and setting the record straight. One of the chapters in my upcoming book focuses on the idea of journalists as truth tellers, and the way that this role both places them at risk and confers specialized expertise. I am looking at the coverage of border violence in the Cuidad Juarez/ El Paso area for two reasons: I have been working with the Pueblo of Ysleta del Sur for many years and am interested in the region, and also because it is an example of how the stakes of reporting are especially high for journalists, especially those covering crimes against women and state corruption. I have read your book and many of your articles, and would love a chance to talk to you in person about the practice of journalism and your thoughts on what this role entails. If this is of interest or if you have any questions about me or the project, my email is: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, Best, Erin Debenport


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