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Rumor is it's the lithium in the water

Diana writes © By Diana Washington Valdez

I am writer who grew up in El Paso, Texas, a city that in 1925 saw itself as the center of influence for a 400-mile radius. The city on the U.S.-Mexico is an epicenter of sorts, although more than 100 years later it is still seeking its identity. El Paso exists across from Juarez, Mexico, in an uneasy juxtaposition geographically, culturally and socially. The most amazing things have happened in this place.

The Border City

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Rumor is that there's enough lithium in the water to keep the masses from openly rebelling like they did (on the Mexican side anyway) during the 1910 Mexican Revolution.

The same substance keeps people in El Paso from getting too anxious or curious about their state of affairs.

 It's a unique place to live in. Everyday people co-exist with unsavory and violent drug dealers, corrupt officials, army soldiers, immigrants, university students, bureaucrats and laughable politicians.

 That was on which side of …