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Encounter at the Rio Grande, Joe Olvera and David M. Hancock

More on Joe Olvera

I first met Joe when he began working for the El Paso Times. He was constantly challenging other Hispanic journalists to fight for their rights. For example, he felt strongly that news media companies should pay Hispanic journalists a supplement if they were required to translate for the non-Spanish speaking reporters who needed help with their stories.

Joe, the Chicano activist of our profession, was right. He was a front-line advocate that helped paved the way for many who followed him, especially when newsrooms were still predominantly Anglo.

Encounter at the Rio Grande

Before Joe worked at the El Paso Times, an Associated Press (AP) reporter who was based elsewhere, not at the AP bureau in El Paso, called the newspaper asking for assistance with translation and photography in Juarez, Mexico.

Photographer Joel Salcido and I agreed to help the Associated Press reporter, and AP agreed to pay us $250. Paula Moore, the paper's managing editor at the time, said this ag…