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"The Killing Fields" was my signature project

There are certain aspects of the investigations that led to the El Paso Times news series "Death Stalks the Border" and the books "The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women" and "Cosecha de Mujeres" that can be disclosed to the broader public. The key editors who were key to the success of the newspaper series were Bob Moore, Dan Williams and Mary Benanti.

As time goes on, I will share more behind-the-scenes details, to include my meeting at Landry's  El Paso with two intriguing people, Mexican journalist and author Isabel Arvide, who was arrested in Chihuahua, and Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, a high-ranking Mexican federal attorney general official, who was killed in a 2008 plane crash in Mexico City.
Here is a backgrounder that was prepared for me several years ago about the project:

Behind the “Killing Fields: Harvest of Women”

Diana Washington Valdez is a courageous career journalist who has dedicated her life to serving the public through her work. Her…