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Border Ghetto 3: J.T. goes on a real date and it's a bust

Border Ghetto, Episode 3: Copyright © 2017
J.T. goes on a real date

J.T. and Way-Pac are friends in El Paso, Texas, a border city opposite Juarez, Mexico. African-Americans make up only about 3 percent of El Paso's population; nevertheless, these two young men who are oblivious to the socio-demographics of the border are leaving their own indelible marks on the community.
[J.T. is waiting to meet Way-Pac to get some tips on where to take his new date, a bank executive he met while conducting an inspection of her home for his fake Acme Security Services business. The two friends rendezvous at the parking lot of a local shopping center. They start off with a greeting and latest elaborate handshake.]
J.T.: About time you showed up, fool. I've got three hours before this hot date with Rhonda. Way-Pac: Who's Rhonda? I've never seen you worry about a date. J.T.: She's this fancy bank official. She agreed to go on a date with me, almost didn't. She kept wondering what kind …