Saturday, July 15, 2017

Poem: "Retrospect"

Copyright © 1997, 2017
By Diana Washington Valdez


At the transit station
People huddle
While a drizzle
Chills the soul
The heart yearns;
Through a window
A face peers back
Past the gray fog,
A smile breaks;
Doors burst open wide
Rushed masses disembark;
I stand back frozen,
Held back by a thought.

Poem "When Cesar Chavez Died"

Copyright © 1997, 2017
By Diana Washington Valdez
Cesar Chavez (Verso/Tumblr)
When Cesar Chávez died

Dusty sandaled feet,

Darkened faces seared by sun,

Hands scarred by thorns,

Wounds and overuse;

The arrow of death flung

Stilled Cesar’s soul today,

Stunned farm workers

Arrayed in stony disbelief,

Leave fields with stout hearts crushed,

Gathered, stare at each other,

In unbearable quiet silence;

Their hot tears and mine combine,

A river of grief begins to flow

Watering the soil across the land,

From the grape yards of California,

To the apple groves of Pennsylvania.

[Cesar Chavez died April 23, 1993.

He and Dolores Huerta co-founded the United Farm Workers Union.]