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DNA report shows we are related

Diana Washington Valdez

DNA ancestry report

(Hey, some of you out there in the world are my relatives ...)

Diana Washington Valdez
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I received the results for one of those DNA ancestry tests ordered for me and my siblings during the recent Christmas holiday.

Several articles I’ve read recommend taking the results from these kits with a grain of salt. Their accuracy is still highly debated, but things are supposed to get better after more people contribute samples to the growing data bases of the DNA profiles.

Here are some of the findings:
Nearly 60 percent Native American. This part is connected to indigenous groups in New Mexico, including the Zuni pueblo! This caught my attention because growing up I was told by relatives that the indigenous part of me was mostly Otomi from Mexico’s interior. It would be interesting to see if the Otomi are related in great part to the Zunis.

 When I was reporting on the New Mexico Legislature in Santa Fe, one of the senior legislators asked me if I was Zuni! He said I looked a lot like the Zunis, which is only one of several indigenous groups that settled in New Mexico.

The DNA ancestry report says the Native Americans I was connected to likely migrated through Siberia to Northern North America and continued their journey southward. Several of these migrants stayed and settled along various sites of the journey.

The other major part of me is supposed to be Southern European, some distant relatives were Ashkenazi Jews (cool) and others were Neanderthals (cool). Some of these ancestors, Spanish and Portuguese, migrated to what is now Mexico. I have numerous relatives with identical segments of DNA (connoting common ancestors) that are in the United Kingdom, Sweden, California, New York, Texas and 11 other U.S. states. 

These are highlights … I’m still distilling details from the report.

The most important aspect of DNA technology is that the massive Human Genome Project already proved that we are all one human race. That means, all of us are related. Let that sink in.

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